Laurie Forestry

Safety in forest operations is a prime focus for the team at Laurie Forestry Ltd. 

Work in the forest environment has seen a major change over the last 4 years with the need to improve our record for Health and Safety of workers in the forest industry. Part of that focus has been on ensuring that workers are fit, healthy and drug and alcohol free while at work.
Since the introduction of Drug and Alcohol testing, Chris and his team are now able to offer us onsite Health Monitoring in addition to the Drug and Alcohol tests. Doing this onsite greatly reduces down time for the crews.
The focus of PHTA is to identify any issues and provide a means where the individual has the opportunity for rehabilitation so that valuable skills are not lost to the industry.
Our goal is a healthy, happy and productive work force that returns safely to their families each day and we are very pleased to engage Chris and his team to help us to achieve that in a most effective manner.

Allan Laurie MNZIF