Cloudy Bay Clams

We have welcomed the services of Pacific Health Testing Associates and see them as not just a supplier to our company but more a stakeholder. They have always delivered on their promises and in addition, have gone the extra distance to ensure the program they designed with us works in a way that minimises our input. They spent the time at the consultation stage learning and understanding our business model and our people. Their knowledge of our day to day commercial operation has been key to the program’s success.  In particular, Steve’s knowledge of matters surrounding employment law and the Health And Safety At Work Act has been invaluable to us. He has been able to present in a ‘plain English’ manner to all of our team on a number of topics that served to eliminate misconceptions our staff may have had but more importantly, encouraged their buy-in at a time when public misconception was almost a daily occurrence in the media. He has a unique ability to build rapport with all of our team, the results of which speak for themselves.

The professionalism of Pacific Health Testing Associates is unquestionable and I would suggest time spent with them to implement a program for your business will provide a detailed yet workable solution for this specialised area of your health and safety requirements.

Hadleigh Galt